Goals & Objectives

Our goal
The goal of the Gender Unit is to institute gender equality and equity at DUCE through a gender mainstreaming strategy. By gender equality and equity we mean.

  • Equal visibility, empowerment and participation of both sexes in all spheres of operation and management.
  • Fairness and justice in distribution of benefits and responsibility.
  • Through the strategy of Gender mainstreaming that is taking into account of gender of Gender concerns in all policies, programs, administration, financial activities and organizational procedure.


  • Facilitate and support the institutionalization of Gender mainstreaming at DUCE.
  • Support DUCE core programs to operate with a gender perspective.
  • Facilitate the bridging of Gender gaps existing at the DUCE through advocating and promoting various affirmative actions targeting staff and students.
  • Promote and institutionalize gender networking within and beyond the College.

Physical Address

Duce – Gender Unit
Taifa Road, Dar es Salaam

P. O. Box 2329,

Dar es Salaam
Tel: +255 22-2850993
Fax: +255 22-2850795
E-mail: gender@duce.ac.tz